A Sincere Welcome

A Sincere Welcome

Dear Writers! Readers! Friends!

Welcome to my new website! It is a pleasure to share this new space with you. While I was pulling information together, I found myself examining where I’ve been, celebrating a new opportunity, and, of course, anticipating telling the stories I still want to tell.

Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

—Mattie Stephanek

As writers, we spend so much time getting to know our characters and finding just the right words to tell their stories. The creative process can feel isolating. Getting to know writers while reading the stories they share on their websites and blogs, has helped me to feel not only more connected, but inspired. I hope that while you browse my website, you’ll get to know a little about me and my writing life, find things that are interesting and helpful—and feel that you are welcomed here. 

Expect change. Analyze the landscape. Take the opportunities. Stop being the chess piece; become the player. It’s your move.

—Tony Robbins

Getting my first novel published was an exciting experience. I threw myself into getting the word out. I enjoyed engaging on social media, both talking about my book and supporting other writers. I enjoyed doing book talks and interviews. My characters were important to me, and it was rewarding to hear them come to life through teen voices when I made school visits. Somehow, fictional characters and their experiences seem to make young adults more open to discussing the difficult issues they face. It was a busy time and I loved every minute!

I felt like I was just getting started when my publisher closed. The landscape looked very different after that. I went from being super busy promoting my book to exploring ways to keep it out there. I was disappointed, not only for myself but for other WestSide Book authors as well. Many of us kept in touch.

I kept writing, kept learning—and more importantly, I kept reaching out to other writers.

A writer, I think, is someone who pays attention to the world.

—Susan Sontag

Here are some things that excite me as a writer: reading wonderful books; a blank journal page just waiting to be filled; writing a great first sentence that propels me into the lives of my characters and their stories; finding an ending for my manuscript that is both satisfying and meaningful.

Time does not pass, it continues…

—Marty Rubin

I have done a lot of writing in the years since my debut young adult novel came out. I have completed three YA novel manuscript drafts and started a fourth, and I have revised my PB manuscripts. I have diligently shared my work with critique group partners and beta readers. Finally, I have news to share about finding an awesome agent!

So, again, welcome—I hope you will stay tuned and join me as I start this new chapter.

Thanks for stopping by!

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      Carol Larese Millward

      Thanks, Sue!

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